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Addiction Recovery in Utah

Addiction Recovery in Utah.

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Addiction Recovery in Utah

Part of our new life in sobriety involves trying to figure out our place in this wholly unfamiliar world. At least, to those of us who are first-timers to sobriety it does. Maybe that even applies more so to those who are returning to the clean-and-sober fold for a successive time. What’s old is new again, isn’t that how it goes? While we may think we know, or knew, what it takes to stick to our commitment to stay sober, when it comes right down to putting our action where our mouth is, we sometimes find we’re in a bit of a quandary.

There are so many things to do. Friends and well-meaning loved ones may have a lot of advice, or none that’s very relevant. We may find ourselves feeling betwixt and between, not really sure if we have any goals worth pursuing or fearful of our ability to accomplish even the most minor of tasks we set for ourselves, learn how at a Drug Rehabilitation in Utah Center.

Where, in all this maelstrom of confusion, uncertainty, fear and anxiety, does the thought of success and/or happiness come in? Does it even stand a chance? While it’s normal to be apprehensive of a future that’s not yet here, we can take comfort in knowing that we will get stronger and develop more self-confidence over time. That’s been the case for many who’ve entered recovery before us, is true for many who are in recovery now, and will likely prove true for us as well.

But we cannot just sit around and expect to be successful or for happiness to drop down upon us like rain from above. We have to work for it. And sometimes that means working very hard. Okay, so hard work is pretty much a given. How do we know what to work toward? Isn’t that an interesting question? The answer will depend on a number of different factors, not the least of which is our overall inclination toward achieving certain goals. More to the point may be if certain goals are even in our list of possibilities.

We may, for example, not be at a place yet where we allow ourselves the freedom to dream of something that we currently don’t have. We may not even know we want a certain goal, never having had much success in goal-setting and achievement of goals before. But we can begin the process. We all can do that. It doesn’t take any special intelligence or skills to dredge up a desire to do better, to be better. After all, we’ve come this far. We’ve made it through rehab and are now embracing recovery. We can do it, if we put our minds and hearts and souls into it.

The way to begin is to start small. Instead of loading up our list of goals with seemingly impossible ones, why not pencil in some short-term, realistic goals that are fairly easy to achieve? The more we accomplish these small goals, the more self-confident we’ll feel and the more motivated we’re likely to be to want to think of and tackle goals that are a little more of a stretch, that require more time and effort, and determination.

That’s how this building-block process of recovery works. Sure, it helps to have goals that we want to achieve. But those will come in time. By getting to the next step in your to-do list, achieving what you set out to do, and feeling good about it, you’re helping solidify your ability to make wise choices and to follow through on what needs to be done.

Here’s another tip. Strive to feel good about even the small goals you succeed in achieving. Getting what you want is the bonus. That’s success. When you realize that you do, indeed, feel pleased about what you get – due, in large part, to the amount of effort you’ve put into it, you’ll come to the amazing conclusion that you’re happy about who you are and what you’ve achieved, all this and much more can be learned at our Intensive Outpatient Drug Treatment in Utah.

Does it always work out this way? The truth is that there’s probably a good mix of success and happiness in each and every goal we consider, put on our list, make plans toward, work on, and achieve (or not). It may be, for instance, that we put a goal on our list and go through the steps toward realizing that goal only to find that it wasn’t what we really wanted after all. Or it could be that we’ve moved past that goal, found a new direction to pursue, or branched out from this current goal into one that’s now more meaningful to us.

If it’s meaningful, it’s probably something that we’ll work harder to achieve, that we want, and that makes us happy. Substance Abuse Treatment in Utah County is as good a place to start as any.

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LDS Addiction Recovery

Today we will share a story of those who have struggled with Addiction and found hope through the Savior Jesus Christ in an LDS Addiction Recovery Program.

My story is about my addiction to prescription pain medications and nearly every illicit drug. Because of my addictions, I was homeless and friendless. I had hurt my family so much that they had to step back and let me feel the true nature of my wrongs. I lived on the streets, chasing the only answer I still believed could help me get through my trauma and pain. I felt hopeless, helpless, and utterly alone.

My mother prayed fervently to Heavenly Father one night because she no longer knew what to do to help me. Her prayer was answered when I was arrested two weeks later with a no-bail warrant, landing me in jail for a long time. Finally I was able to find and receive the treatment I needed. While incarcerated, I heard of the LDS Addiction Recovery Program, Alcoholics Anonymous, and Narcotics Anonymous. I met an incredibly faithful saint who pointed out that the light of Christ within me had never burned out, but that I had dulled it with “bushels and baskets” of drug use and sin.

While at a meeting one night, a fellow addict bore his testimony. It caused me to believe for the first time that there was light at the end of the tunnel. I finally felt that recovery was possible and that I had a choice to act differently. I surrendered to my Lord and Savior that night. I have been clean ever since. I have not found it necessary to drink or take drugs for more than eight years now.

Along the way, I have struggled and faltered many times, sometimes falling far short of the path Heavenly Father has shown me. But I have not returned to my addictive behaviors, and that has made all the difference. I have kept a temple recommend for the last two and a half years. I am sealed to my wife and three daughters for time and all eternity. I have held many callings faithfully in the Church, and I am currently a substance abuse counselor, offering this same beacon of Christ’s healing power to many wayward souls. Because of where I have been, I know that my life is a blessing.

I thank Heavenly Father from the bottom of my heart for caring, lighting the pathway back to Him.

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Addiction Treatment in Utah

I woke up in a panic as I again realized where I was at; it had been some time since I felt the breach of hopeless guilt and shame cringe up my back as I did that morning. I had gotten sober almost a year before, my life seemed like it was heading in a direction I had lost for so long. Then I thought I knew better than those around me, find the love of my life in rehab, set off on a journey to get married and live happily ever after. As most of us probably know, finding my wife in rehab, the last thing I was going to find was happily ever after. So here I was again, sitting in an 6×8 cell, waiting, wondering whether or not I was going to have enough fight left in the tank to. There was something profoundly different this morning though. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but it was as if I knew the direction I wanted to go in, almost like there was an inner light that I had never had before. I wanted to get sober, I couldn’t have said that at any other juncture in my using history; I could tell you I didn’t want to be in jail or rehab anymore, but I couldn’t honestly say I wanted to stop using drugs and alcohol. I had used for so long, that really was the only escape I knew and understood. But today was different, I actually wanted to get sober. I just didn’t know how or if it was even possible. So I jumped down off my bed, the sting that runs up both feet and into your back when you jump from something and your body jolts from absorbing the shock. I could feel the hair stand up on the back of my neck as the sting from the pain winced from my feet as they hit the concrete floor. I was finally in the place my dad had told me I would have to be in to find my way from the other side of the island of life. I hit me knees and I said to God “If you can hear me, hear this; either bring me home or give me help. I can’t keep living my life this way. I felt an overwhelming sye of relief come over me, it was as if I had let the burden of holding onto a dirty secret for so long, finally go. I was free from the insidious burden of holding onto the pain that I was an addict. I could feel the tears roll down each cheek as I had finally begun the process of recovery every person must endure before they can truly let God take over as captain of the ship. I had surrendered.

Find Drug Rehab in Utah 1-800-535-9041

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A Story of Addiction, Healing and Future.

Day 1

I remember the first time I checked into Drug Rehab in Utah and asked myself what it was I thought I was doing. I knew I didn’t want to keep using drugs, I also knew I didn’t know how to stop using drugs. But the constant churning in my chest and my head told me I “NEEDED” substances to actually have the ability to function a normal daily life, at least that’s what I told myself. I had used drugs and alcohol for so long I was terrified to think what life might be like without having them around, you know, living a drug and alcohol free life seemed like not only work, it scared the hell out of me.

As I woke up that morning, I rolled out of bed. Jumped to the floor, from the bed that was stacked one on top of another; My roommate was sleeping soundly, as I could hear his whispering snores from under his blanket stretched across his body except for a portion of a foot I could see peeking out from under the thin piece of cloth. The metal framed bed with a thin sheet almost like that of a pillow case, pulled over no more than a couch cushion made of vinyl and stitch, was merely a side note to the other conditions of vile and distaste in the room. As I slid off my bed, my feet hit the concrete floor and I could feel the cold slide from under the double sided, reinforced steel door. I peeked out the tiny sliver of a window into a world of nothing but steel tables, a tv and cinder block. Yes, I was in jail, once again, like I swore I never would again. As I peeked through the small window, the questions and fears raced through my head like the fingers of a woman, running her fingers through her hair. If there is one thing I have learned about serving time, it’s the fact that every fear you’ve ever had in your life will cross your mind when you are faced with enough boredom and confined space.

As soon as the door popped open, I grabbed the small piece of paper laying on the metal desk bolted to the wall and raced down the tier stairs to the phone on the wall. I waited for the woman to come across the line explaining, “this is a call from a correctional facility, wha, wha, wha, whaaaa” so I could let the embarrassment of being locked in a cage come and pass. Waiting for that call to be accepted was like waiting for Christmas as a kid, remember when you used to fall asleep for fifteen minute intervals until morning? Like that. The voice finally came a cross the line for what felt like an eternity, it was the intake coordinator for the Substance Abuse Treatment Center UT I had contacted the day before explaining my situation. “Mr. Smith, I don’t know if theres much we can do; I have spoken with our owner, and because there is no funding available I just don’t think we can help until you can find some resources to help pay for treatment”. My heart sank to the floor like the ice cream from a cone on a hot day. Crushed, I hung up the phone and began walking upstairs to my room; I planned on bunking up in bed all day and not moving. That was the easiest way to deal with life for the past decade, if things didn’t go my way, I would make sure I had a plan in place to make the pain, hurt or embarrassment go away as fast as possible. More often than not that meant drugs and alcohol, for my current living situation, sleeping as a long as humanly possible would suffice. 

Come back next week and read about day 2 “Finding Drug Treatment in Utah

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Bupernorphine In Utah

The National Survey of Substance Abuse Therapy Providers of 2006 said the amount of treatment services in Ut had improved from 118 in 2003 to 133. Of those, 57 were private non-profit, 51 were private for-profit and one service was owned or managed by a Tribal authority or local, State or Federal authorities. This increase was because of 12 new private for-profit facilities.


Five opioid programs were offered by facilities, and 67 doctors were licensed to offer buprenorphine therapy for opiate misuse. You might be amazed to discover really few specific medical detox centers in Ut or anywhere within the nation, when studying medical detox programs. Even though there are rehab facilities that provide some kind of cleansing system, their therapy might be “natural” or “holistic” significance centered on vitamins, saunas, yoga and meditation. A non – medical detox might not be secure for alcoholics or medication junkies with severe addiction, even though this seems healthier. Additionally, withdrawal symptomscould be so acute and unpleasant that the patient cannot carry on using a “cold turkey” plan. In reality, several of our patients are known to us by rehabilitation and recuperation services. When a medical detoxification is required for comfort and security, Arcadia Detox Facilities must be viewed. Arcadia Detox Centers : At Arcadia Detox, we offer a quick, secure and comfymedical detox for medicines, alcohol and other addicting substances. Our upscale features make our patients feel more in the home and contain private areas with high-def flat-screen TVs, Wifi and premium foods. Just a few of detox facilities across the earth offer seclusion, medical guidance and a nurturing non-judgmental environment… all factors why Arcadia Recovery Center Detoxification is rated in the top grade of medication and alcohol detox centers global.

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